FREE Service Account

Your time is too valuable to spend hovering endlessly so that you don’t miss a new property listing.

Let us help for FREE. You’ll see new listings before anyone else AND qualify to sell your current home for only a $1,500 fee!

You will also receive a Free Download of a real ALTA closing statement from a recent Cincinnati home sale and Market Reports to help you prepare.

Members receive alert emails based on your search when there is a new listing or price drop that you care about. You search, just like you normally do, then save it, and go about your day. We’ll alert you immediately when something pops up!

You are only notified of the new or price dropped listings you haven’t already seen. That’s how it saves so much of your time!

Example Email

Email like the example below will be sent to you instantly for new listings (1st in the example) and price drops (2nd in the example).

User Dashboard

When you log into My Listings Manager, you will be presented with the first three saved searches and saved properties you have in your account along with links to view all of your saved searches and properties.


Saved searches will show a summary of the criteria in your search. Each has its own menu with the option to view the listings, edit, and delete the search.


Viewing the search results will show the results view (click here for a live example), beginning with the map showing all listings, followed by a summary of each listing. Clicking a listing summary will open the property’s details page. On the details page, properties can be saved as favorites.


Saved properties allow you to click through directly to their favorite properties from the dashboard.



At the top-right of the My Listings Manager dashboard is the My Account drop-down menu. From here, you can always update your Account Settings, contact information, and email update settings.